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Meet Dr. Caren Drezner

Doctorate in Early Childhood Education

Educational Coach & Consultant

Expert Adviser

As a professional, leader, and advocate in Early Childhood Education, Caren has over 25 years of experience mentoring, coaching, and supporting diverse communities of teachers, directors, and parents. Innately passionate about children's learning through play, Caren is dedicated to ensuring children meet developmental learning objectives using thoughtful, intentional, play-based strategies. Her expertise has been paramount in helping Early Childhood programs build competent and confident teachers and administrators. In partnership with Caren, you can support children's Creativity, Adventure, Resilience, and Empathy through their Natural Play (CAREN's Play!): research-driven qualities and life skills proven to help children succeed not only in school, but in life.

Whether launching a new program,  seeking professional development, or one on one coaching for our next generation of teachers - Caren can assist in guiding long-term vision planning, and support teachers and leaders in discovering their strengths and talents while becoming the best ECE professionals they can be. To share more about the needs of your center or program, email to schedule a phone consultation.

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